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Ons maatskappy het hoë kwaliteit rou vloeibare gekleurde nylonvesel vir produksie ontwikkel

Tyd: 2022-05-12 Treffers: 31

In recent years, the scale production of raw liquid colored nylon vesel has become mainstream, greater progress has been made in color masterbatch pre-spinning injection technology, R&D and spinning of colored chips, dynamic blending, and specific applications of raw liquid colored fibers. However, the inadequacy of the production and mixing technology of some color masterbatches limits the raw liquid coloring, at the same time, the pigments need to be extremely heat stable, resulting in an incomplete chromatography for this type of product.

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In order to get a complete chromatographic and stable performance of raw liquid colored nylon 6 fiber, Zhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and CLARIANT cooperated to research the preparation technology of nylon masterbatch and its blending method of polyamide 6, nylon spinning process and quality control, and the application performance of raw liquid colored nylon, developed raw liquid colored nylon fiber with full-color spectra, high color fastness, and good mechanical properties. We use this nylon color yarn to weave various fabrics directly, and achieve large-scale demonstration applications to replace the nylon fabric dyeing process, achieve green and clean production, and integrate the color into the spinning melt from the inside out.

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Colorful large chemical fiber produced by mixing and coloring with color masterbatches

Omdat dierou liquid coloring fiber does not need to be dyed after the fabric, so the product quality is high, and the color spectrum is wide, good fastness, washing resistance, friction resistance (dry and wet rubbing color fastness ≥ 4level, water fastness ≥ 4level, sweat fastness ≥ 4level, light fastness ≥ 4level, yarn fineness of the finest 16dtex, breaking strength ≥ 4cN / dtex, elongation at break ≥ 20%).

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And the coloring fiber overcomes the disadvantages of pollution in the post-treatment process, waste liquid discharges and huge color difference between batches.

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The raw liquid coloring adopts a healing color mood, abandoning flashy artificial tone, close to nature, gentle and friendly.

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