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Is klere gemaak van chemiese vesels skadelik vir die menslike liggaam?

Tyd: 2022-06-07 Treffers: 25

Chemical fibers, that is, man-made fibers, can be divided into synthetic fibers and semi-synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers are mainly derived from the petrochemical industry, there are six spandex, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon, and chlorine spandex. The semi-synthetic fiber is mainly a kind of fiber obtained from natural cellulose or protein after chemical treatment, such as viscose fiber, cellulose acetate, Modal, Lyocell, etc. The emergence of chemical fibers to make up for some of the shortcomings of natural fibers, such as cotton and spandex blends can increase the elasticity of the fabric.

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Well, some people will ask, is it harmful to the body to wear chemical fiber clothes? The answer is obviously no. Clothes made of chemical fibers are not bad for the human body. These clothes may not be as comfortable as cotton ones, but some polyester materials are currently modified to perform better than cotton ones in certain properties. Besides, there are several advantages found in the research of chemical fiber at the early stage of development, such as strong and durable, wrinkle-free and iron-free, mass-producible, etc.

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And thanks to the biggest characteristic of chemical fiber - very processable, from synthetic formulation to spinning preparation to dyeing and finishing processing, the nature can be changed to provide various functions according to our needs. With the rapid development of textile technology, we can now completely through a more diverse clothing processing and finishing methods to improve the return rate of chemical fibers and other indicators, making them more and more skin-friendly, and even better than cotton. So there is no good or bad fabric, mainly depends on whether it can meet the needs of users, chemical fiber fabric clothes are now also sought after by designers, if the premise of ensuring the quality of design, chemical fiber fabric clothes are still popular with the public.

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As people's living standards improve, the consumer requirements for textiles are changing - such as comfort, functionality, etc. Things like softness, drape, pressure contact, hot contact, cold contact, and other aspects of feeling are all taken into consideration by consumers. The contribution of chemical fibers in this regard is much greater than that of natural fiber materials.

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Therefore, Zhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. believes that clothes made of chemical fiber materials are actually not bad at all, and it mainly depends on what your requirements are for clothes. As a company with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of chemical fibers, Dingyi produces chemical fibers that are widely used for making high-grade fabrics, wrapping yarns, underwear, socks, gloves, ribbons, and other products. The fibers are evenly dyed, with the high color fastness and fast production speed, welcome to buy and sell.

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