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Ken jy die 6 maniere om gare te kleur?

Tyd: 2022-06-23 Treffers: 37

Yarn (including filament) dyeing has been around for nearly a thousand years, and for a long time strand dyeing was used. It was not until 1882 that the world's first patent for cylinder dyeing was issued, and later warp dyeing emerged.

1. Gedraaide garing klere

The dyeing method of transforming staple yarn or filament into a frame of stranded yarn connected to a yarn shaking machine and then dip-dyeing in various forms of dyeing machines is strand dyeing. Since several monographs on strand dyeing have been written before, this book will not repeat them.

2. tube dyeing

The staple yarn or filament is wound on the tube covered with holes (proper and uniform winding density is required, generally called "loose tube"), then it is set on the dyeing column (also called yarn bamboo, spindle rod, insert the rod, etc.) of the yarn carrier (also called a flat plate, hanger plate, yarn frame, etc.) of the dyeing machine, put into the tube dyeing machine, and the dyeing solution is made to penetrate between the tube By the action of the main pump, the dyeing liquid is circulated through the yarn or fiber to achieve the way of dyeing for cylinder dyeing.

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3. warp beam dip dyeing

According to the requirements of color fabric warp yarn color and quantity, the original yarn is wound on the perforated coil on the loose warping machine to form a loose warp beam (which can be regarded as a large tube), then it is loaded on the yarn carrier of the dyeing machine and put into the warp beam dyeing machine, by the action of the main pump, the dyeing liquid penetrates and circulates between the warp beam yarns or fibers to achieve dip-dyeing, to get uniform color warp yarn method is called warp beam dyeing.

4. Warp beam dyeing

Warp beam dyeing is mainly used in the production and processing of denim with white weft and color warp. It is to introduce a certain number of thin shafts into each dyeing tank, and realize the dyeing of indigo (or sulfur, reduction, direct, paint) dyes by repeatedly dipping, rolling, and oxidizing through the air many times. After pre-drying and sizing, uniformly colored warp yarns are obtained, which can be directly used in weaving. The warp beam dyeing tank can be multiple (sheet machine) or one (ring machine), and the equipment used in combination with the sizing is called the sheet dyeing and sizing machine.

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5. Yarn bundle rolling and dyeing (ball warp dyeing)

This is also a special dyeing method for denim warp yarn, whose dyeing process is to first set 400-500 original yarn bundles in the shape of a ball, then several bundles (such as 12, 18, 24, and 36 bundles) of yarn are repeatedly dipped, rolled and oxidized by air in multiple dyeing tanks to achieve indigo dyeing, and then divided into the warp and sizing yarn. Yarn bundle rolling and dyeing is also possible for acrylic yarn bundles.

6. yarn special dyeing method

Like fabric, yarn also has local dyeing, such as printing section, segment dyeing, tie-dyeing, printing, plucking, gradation, etc.

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