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Evaluering van die toepassingseffek van fluoorvrye waterdigte afwerkingsmiddel

Tyd: 2022-05-11 Treffers: 33

With the increasingly strict national environmental protection standards,enterprises' awareness of clean production is gradually increasing, and the promotion and application of new technologies, techniques and equipment for energy saving and environmental protection will be the general trend. At a time when ecology and environmental protection are becoming the new label of China's textile industry, green textile chemicals are receiving increasing attention within the industry. Fluorine-free water repellent finishing agent are more easily accepted by customers and the market as a class of green textile chemicals. With the continuous research and development of fluorine-free waterbewys finishing agent, the application effect of fluorine-free waterbewys finishing agent is constantly improving, and its market demand is also increasing.

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In the actual application found that, compared with fluorine-based waterproof finishing agent,dievoordele offluorine-free waterproof finishing agent include: (1)the product does not contain PFOS, PFOA and other prohibited raw materials,it will not be deposited in the organism eneasily degraded,itis a safer and more environmentally friendly product, but also in line with the requirements of Europe and the United States and other countries and regions on waterproof performance; (2) price has certain advantages; (3) some foreign brands produce fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent can apply for fluorine-free waterproof tag to enhance the brand effect of the functional textile products; (4) fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent can be used alone in waterproof products, such as tents and other textile fabrics, but also with fluorine C6 waterproof finishing agent to enhance the the oil resistance of fabrics; (5) high-quality fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent in some synthetic fabrics have good resistance to washing, its washing resistance is almost the same as waterproof products containing fluorine (6)soft hand feeling, less influence on the yellowing of whitening fabrics, and obvious improvement on the phenomenon of hand scratching in dark-colored fabrics; (7)does not affect the peel strength of the fabric for subsequent coating, laminating and other processing; (8)does not affect the original color fastness to light, dry rubbing and wet rubbing of the fabric; (9) the fabric tear strength is significantly improved.

At present, there are some problems in the use of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent: (1) fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent is only applicable to the waterproof finishing of fabrics, while some textile products that require three-proof finishing still need to use fluorocarbon series three-proof finishing agent; (2)different fiber material fabrics need to choose the appropriate fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent, some fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent on the fabric material has matching requirements, it is recommended to focus on the waterproof level and the effect of washing resistance (3) Partially structured fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent structure in the working fluid temperature and pH changes, long time dipping and other conditions are easy to produce sticky roll problems, production and application need to pay attention to control; (4) The fabric to be finished must not contain residual pulp, dyeing auxiliaries, silicone compounds, etc., otherwise it may reduce the waterproof effect. If the cleanliness of the fabric before finishing is found to be poor, it needs to be fully washed to remove the residual surfactant. (5) In order to ensure the stability of the working solution of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent, it is recommended to add 0.3g/L acetic acid (mass fraction of 80%) to adjust the pH value of the working solution in order to bring out the best effect of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent; (6)choose the right drying conditions to ensure that the fabric and the waterproofing agent are fully cross-linked, but too high a temperature or too long a time may reduce the waterproofing effect of the fabric and cause changes in the color and light of the fabric; (7) fluorine-free waterproofing finishing agent products are very sensitive to storage temperature, it is recommended not to be stored in an environment below 0 of bo 40 to prevent changes in product performance; (8) fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are usually weakly cationic in nature, compatible with cationic and non-ionic additives, if you need to obtain a special feel through other chemicals,jy should try to avoid the use of silicone softener, you can choose fatty acid ester softener , but before use must be tested; (9)if dyeing defects are found in the fabric after fluorine-free waterproof finishing,you can't just put the fabric back into the dye jar and dye it again, so as not to produce waterproof additives precipitation counter-staining fabric, the formation of new defects,therefore, the waterproof finish agent should be stripped from the fabric before re-dyeing the repair.

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At present, some domestic and foreign brands have promised not to use waterproof finishing agent products containing harmful chemicals, fluorocarbon waterproofing agents will be strictly limited in scope of application, the use of fluorine-free waterproof finishing of textile products will be increasingly well recognized by the market. Gradually improve the water repellency and wash resistance of fluorine-free water repellent finishing agents, as well asthe development of fluorine-free triple anti-fouling finishing agent with oil and dirt repellent function will be the future development trend of waterproof finishing agent. At the same time, the research on the development and optimization of fluorine-free water repellent finishes in raw materials will become more mature and complete, in order to achieve continuous improvement of waterproofing performance

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