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FDY, POY, DTY, ATY, kan jy hierdie filamente onderskei?

Tyd: 2022-06-16 Treffers: 37

FDY, POY, DTY, ATY, kan jy hierdie filamente onderskei?

1. FDY

The full name is FULL DRAW YARN, this is a synthetic fiber filament made by stretching spun yarns. The fibers are sufficiently stretched to be used directly in textile light processing. Commonly seen are polyester and nylon full-stretch yarns, both of which are chemical filaments. FDY fabric feels smooth and soft and is often used to weave imitation silk fabrics. It has a wide range of uses in garments and home textiles.

2. POY

The full name is PRE-ORIENTED YARN or PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN. Refers to chemical fiber filaments obtained by high-speed spinning with an orientation between unoriented and drawn filaments that are not fully stretched, It is a kind of chemical fiber filament that is not fully stretched. Compared with unstretched yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability and is often used as a special yarn for DTY.

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3. DTY

The full name is DRAW TEXTURED YARN. It is made by using POY as the original yarn, stretching and false twist deformation processing, and generally has a certain degree of elasticity and shrinkage.

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4. ATY

The full name is AIR TEXTURING YARN. It is a type of yarn that uses the air-jet method to interlock the yarn bundle to form irregular twisted yarn loops, giving the yarn bundle a fluffy terry shape. 

5. Other filaments





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6. Identification methods

Hand-pull method: 

In general, POY can be stretched a little longer, while FDY is stretched a little less. Because POY is pre-oriented yarn, not fully stretched, the remaining elongation is more than 50%; and FDY is fully oriented yarn, the remaining elongation is generally more than 40%, more stable. 

Appearance identification method:

DTY fiber is curly, and POY and FDY fiber are straight.

7. The difference between filament and spun

Filaments are continuous strips of natural or chemical fibers that have not been cut and are divided into monofilaments and compound filaments. And spun refers to the length of a few millimeters to dozens of millimeters of fiber, such as cotton, wool, linen, and other natural fibers, which can also be cut from the filament after being made.

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