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Hoe pas die sonskermklere goed?

Tyd: 2022-07-21 Treffers: 29

In hierdie artikel,Zhejiang Dingyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.wants to share the content of how sunscreen clothing should be matched. Hot summer, we are always fighting with the intense UV rays at all times, sunscreen clothing is really a god of protection, and have it to have the courage to go out. Sunscreen clothing is no longer the rigid styling design that everyone imagines, the style of fashion design is refreshing, how to match it to look better?

·Sun protection clothing + A-line skirt


Summer if you go out if you do not want to be sunburned, sunscreen clothing is certainly not missing, cool chiffon fabric material breathability rate is good, wear comfortable not stuffy. Chiffon fabric sunscreen clothing, but also a little light feeling, for the overall styling design points, with clothes and is very simple, versatile and not picky, inside the cream camisole, underwear with A-line skirt, showing strong youthful atmosphere.

·Flared sleeve sun protection clothing + halter dress


Thesoft and beautiful girl who picks the sunscreen clothing naturally has to choose the soft style, flared sleeve sunscreen clothing it loose sleeves can increase the lovely feeling, but also can cover the flab on the arms, easy to show thin. The soft flared sleeve sunscreen with a halter dress, so that you show a woman's temperament, but also to make the overall shape design to attract people's attention.

·Ethnic style sunscreen clothing + denim shorts


Summer is a good time for vacation travel, go to the beach to see the waves, enjoy the infinite coolness of summer, of course, still need to pay special attention to UV protection. Ethnic style sunscreen clothing wear with retro style aura, more kind of exotic, summer travel shooting more beautiful. Ethnic style sunscreen clothing, take short-sleeved and denim shorts inside, wear cool and comfortable but not out of fashion.

Harde Gedagtes


Summer out sunscreen clothing is essential. How to matching to making sunscreen clothing with a modern sense, in addition to picking a good style accident, the material of the clothes is also very important. There are layers of material to wear on the body not only more charm, but also to improve the clothing.

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