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Hoe om pogings om buitelandse handel te stabiliseer, te versterk, stel China se Staatsraad nuwe inisiatiewe voor

Tyd: 2022-05-25 Treffers: 14

Sjina CCTV news: May 5 executive meeting of the State Council again around the foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality to make arrangements, from efforts to ensure orders, improve customs clearance efficiency, increase credit investment and other aspects to further increase support. Insiders pointed out that, at present, China's foreign trade development situation is becoming more and more severe, stable foreign trade is facing new challenges. For foreign trade enterprises facing financial and taxation, and other practical difficulties to introduce relevant policies and initiatives, to help stabilize the expectations of enterprises, thereby stabilizing the growth of foreign trade.

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Customs data show that in the first quarter of this year, China's trade in goods imports and exports worth 9.42 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.7% year-on-year. Although the double-digit growth achieved a "steady start", but compared with the same period last year, nearly 30% of the high growth, foreign trade growth rate is still down.

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The primary initiative deployed at the meeting is to focus on order protection and stabilization of key industries, labor-intensive industries import and export. To protect the stability of production and circulation in the field of foreign trade, to determine the key foreign trade enterprises and other lists and in the production, logistics, labor to protect.

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For the current part of foreign trade enterprises facing production and operation disruptions, logistics and transport and other phased problems, the meeting proposed to powerful and orderly dredge the sea and air ports and other collection and distribution, improve the operation and customs clearance efficiency. Use air cargo capacity to protect important parts, equipment and product transportation. Investigate and dispose of foreign trade freight price violations.

In addition, the meeting made it clear that we should increase credit for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, support banks to temporarily difficult enterprises do not blindly draw loans, broken loans, pressure loans, sort out a number of urgent needs for funds to focus on support, but also proposed to introduce as soon as possible to facilitate cross-border e-commerce export return policy, support eligible cross-border e-commerce enterprises to declare high-tech enterprises; to optimize the Canton Fair and other platform services to strengthen the linkage with cross-border e-commerce initiatives such as mutual promotion.

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Industry insiders believe that this will strengthen the construction of foreign trade service system and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, thus expanding more opportunities for foreign trade enterprises to upgrade and upgrade.

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