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Een van die gewildste style van sokkies - mans nylon sokkies

Tyd: 2022-06-29 Treffers: 34

Men's nylon socks were very popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and were no less popular than the white cotton socks nowadays, but became less and less popular after the 1990s. Nylon socks are made of nylon 6 or 66 filaments, which are transparent, glossy, smooth, thin, wearable, durable, breathable, easy to dry after washing, and have a loose mouth without strangling the feet, etc. They are very comfortable to wear and are ideal for summer and autumn.


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Men's nylon stockings are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including white, black, light gray, dark gray, light blue, dark blue, sky blue, navy blue, red, brown, coffee, and other colors, with two types of patterns: bright and dark. Such as jagged flowers, mesh flowers, small triangular flowers, chain flowers, striped flowers, some geometric figures, and a variety of irregular graphics combined with the pattern, which is such a myriad. In particular, the old loose-fitting nylon stockings with lace jacquard at the ankle are now lost in the market and are hard to find.


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Nylon stockings were the only thing men could buy in the summer before they disappeared on a large scale and the only thing they should wear in the summer according to the thinking of the time. As a kind of inertial thinking, nowadays if people wear stockings, they should wear nylon stockings. The beauty of nylon stockings in the sunlight is the most beautiful, the subtle color change, the beauty of the stocking itself, and the crystal clearness of the stocking. The transparency is not as complete as in Japanese stockings, but the special luster of nylon creates the sex appeal of male feet.


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Wearing stockings is best to have several pairs of shoes in rotation, if you have been wearing only one pair, sweat will be in the role of bacteria will produce an unpleasant odor, should give each pair of shoe rest time, full recovery, self-repair deformation. And stockings are not suitable for long-term wear, the more transparent they more likely to wear, produce irregular opaque spots, and even balling, to the point of throwing away.

Stockings are most unable to insulate clothing, no matter how long they are covered in shoes, once the shoes are removed, a few seconds to cool down, followed by the hot energy on the feet is gone. A touch with the hand, cold, if also with sweat, cools up faster.

The disadvantage of nylon stockings is that they do not have much thickness compared to other textures of socks and do not provide any cushioning for the feet. Any friction between the foot and the shoe, any unevenness of the sole, will leave precise marks on the foot. If you wear nylon stockings for sports, in a short time the soles of your feet will be blistered. Stockings do not absorb sweat, all the sweat is accumulated between the foot and the shoe, if you do not take off the shoe from time to time, the foot will be soaked in sweat and uncomfortable. We often see people wearing stockings take off their shoes to dry their feet, for this reason.

Nylon socks are made of nylon silk, a raw material containing fibers, which has a higher wear resistance than natural fibers and other chemical fibers. Since the cross-section of nylon vesel is generally round and the surface is too smooth, the holding force between the fibers is poor. The longer the nylon socks are worn, the more pilling there is, which gradually reduces the horizontal and vertical extension performance of the socks and causes them to shrink slightly.

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