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Hoe om sonbeskermingsklere vir kinders in die somer te kies?

Tyd: 2022-07-01 Treffers: 27

With the arrival of summer, ultraviolet rays become stronger and stronger, which is harmful to the delicate skin of children, so we need to choose the right sunscreen clothing to prevent children from excessive exposure to the sun. However, the design of sunscreen clothing on the market now falls into a major misconception that the stronger the sun protection effect is, the better, with the single-minded pursuit of a high sun protection index. From UPF40 to UPF50+ and even UPF values in the hundreds and thousands. Why is it a misconception? Because the sun protection performance to meet the daily use can be, excessive pursuit of sun protection performance will greatly reduce the comfort of wearing, and after the UPF value is greater than 50, the impact on the human body is completely negligible.

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Such high sun protection index clothes are usually:

1. Tight, non-breathable woven fabric;

2. Polyester fabric;

3. Dark-colored, heat-absorbing fabrics.

Children's own metabolism is fast combined with the love of running and moving and sweating, the requirements for moisture absorption and breathability of clothes are higher. Therefore, when purchasing sun protection clothing for children, attention must be paid.

Sun Protection Index

UPF50 is sufficient to deal with daily sun protection (UPF50 means 98% of UV rays cannot penetrate) and then higher for daily commuting is completely meaningless. In the sun protection performance to meet the daily use at the same time, to pay more attention to the sunscreen clothing moisture absorption and breathability performance.


Fiber composition should be nylon as the main body, nylon compared to polyester softer, moisture absorption is also better

Clothing structure

Underarms, back, such easy to sweat parts must be knitted fabric, this fabric is woven like a sweater, composed of countless coils, fabric pores will be more, more breathable, but also will have a good stretch, children in the process of movement will not feel a sense of restraint.



Woven fabric sun protection clothing breathability is poor, usually low-end sun protection clothing or professional outdoor sun protection clothing is used and is not suitable for children. Cotton fabric is also not recommended, many parents have a subconscious mind, that is, "the child's intimate apparel must wear cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabrics are not skin-friendly, easy to allergic, stuffy".In fact, this is a big "misunderstanding" for the baby who loves sports, it is not recommended to wear cotton material clothes, because "cotton: good moisture absorption but moisture-wicking is very poor". After sweating, sweat is difficult to evaporate quickly, and the clothes will stick to the body, not only exercise uncomfortable but also get heat rash.

In fact, "nylon + spandex" material fabric, but more suitable for children's sportswear, nylon without cotton thin cavity structure, adsorption of sweat will not seep into the fiber inside, you can conduct moisture and spread a larger evaporation area, speed up the rapid drying of sweat, wear also more comfortable, and reduce the time of bacterial breeding rather than easy to cause skin diseases. Spandex is a stretch fiber, and when blended with nylon it makes the garment stretchy so that various ranges of motion don't feel constricting. Love to run and move is the nature of children, can not let the stuffy clothes hinder the child's lively enthusiasm, moisture absorption, breathable, quick-dry is the summer children's clothing must be concerned when buying.

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