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Hoe om tussen poliëster en nylon te onderskei

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Polyester and nylon can not only be made into various textile fabrics alone, commonly known as polyester fabrics and nylon fabrics but also with other natural raw materials and recycled fibers by blending or interweaving to make a variety of very special fashion fabrics, so polyester and nylon are the basic raw materials of popular textile fabrics. But how to distinguish between polyester and nylon? In this article, Zhejiang Dingyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce the relevant content.

1. polyester


The characteristics are good strength and recovery, as well as strong resistance to acid and alkaline, and anti-ultraviolet ability, but the breathability and moisture-wicking are general. General 75D multiples of the fabric are polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, 1800D are polyester, the finer polyester 50D, 20D, etc., polyester silk has filament, low stretch silk, composite silk, and staple fiber and other structural forms, polyester filament fabric are relatively bright and shiny, smooth and refreshing fabric; and low stretch silk to do the polyester fabric color is slightly softer, and Some of them are used to design polyester stretch fabrics; compound silk has high repetitive tension, which can be used to design fashion fabrics with a soft feel; polyester staple fiber generally has the appearance characteristics of imitation natural fibers, and can be mixed with other kinds of short fibers, like T/R fabrics, T/C fabrics, etc. are all polyester staple fiber blended fabrics, which can generally be made with a soft feel.

2. nylon


Polyamide fiber. Advantages are high strength, high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, and good resistance to deformation, anti-aging. The disadvantage is that it has a hard feel. The more famous ones are PERTEX and CORDURA. Generally, 70D multiples of fabric for nylon, such as 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D, and 1680D are nylon materials, these years 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, and 50D nylon silk are also widely used in the development of thin fabrics. The glossiness of nylon fabric is brighter and smoother to the touch. Nylon generally has better elasticity. Dyeing nylon fabric at 60 degrees is fine. Dye with neutral or acid dyes. It is less resistant to high temperature than polyester, but its strength is better and it resists pilling well. Polyester fabric dyeing temperature 130 degrees (high temperature and high pressure), hot melt method generally baked at 200 degrees or less.

3. Differences in physical properties between the two materials

Generally speaking, the bags are made of nylon Oxford cloth, the two feel will be different, polyester feels browner, nylon feel is very relatively young smooth some. In addition, you can scrape with your fingernails, fingernails scrape, there are obvious traces of tapestries, traces are not obvious nylon, but this method is not as intuitive as the burning method easy to defend.

4. Differences in chemical properties between the two materials

The easiest way to distinguish nylon from polyester is to burn it! Polyester fabric emits very strong black smoke, while nylon fabric emits white smoke, in addition to the residue after burning, the polyester pinch will break, nylon into plastic! The price of nylon is 1.5-2 times that of polyester. Nylons, near the flame that is quickly curled and melted into a white gel, in the flame molten combustion dripping and blistering, burning without flame, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, emitting celery smell, light brown molten material after cooling is not easy to grind. Polyester, easy to ignite, near the flame that melts and shrinks, burning while melting black, yellow flame, emitting an aromatic odor, after burning ashes for the hard black-brown, with fingers can be twisted.

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5. Differences in performance

Basically, the performance of nylon is better than polyester, but the cost is higher than polyester. The abrasion resistance, strength, color fastness, and gloss of nylon fabric are better than polyester fabric, and it is not easy to produce dead wrinkles.

The main difference between a polyester fabric and nylon fabric is:

1:The price of nylon is about 1 time higher than polyester.

2:Nylon is smoother and softer than polyester.

3:The abrasion resistance is not much different.

4:Nylon has better recovery elasticity. Polyester has less recovery tension.

5:Nylon fabric dyeing is more difficult than polyester dyeing.

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