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Wat is chemiese filamentgare?

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What is chemical filament yarn?Let's go through a few aspects to understand what filament is.

·Description of filament

·Specification of filament

·Measurement of filament specification

·What is meaning of“F”?

·Common filaments and identification


Dingyi Nylon DTY yarn workshop

Description of filament

In the fabric specification, the filament is described as 150d/48f, but of course there is also 20d/1f. The unit describing the filament thickness is generally denier, and generally the polyester silk boxes we buy will also be marked with dtex, for example, 150d is 166.7dtex.

Specification of filament

How is denier defined? It is the weight of 9,000 meters of this raw material yarn. We pull out 9000 meters of this yarn and weigh it to get the denier of this yarn.

What about dtex? It is the weight of 10,000 meters of yarn, so 150d*10000/9000=166.7dtex.

Measurement of filament specification

We weigh 10 yarns of the same type and measure the length. d is equal to the weight of 10 yarns (g) divided by the length of 10 yarns (m) and multiplied by 9000. Generally, there must be errors in what we measure, for example, if we measure 145d or 156d, will there be yarns of such thickness? There should be, because there are also errors when spinning.

But for the convenience of trade and communication, we have to specify some general specifications. Generally, our filaments are multiples of 25, but of course there are also specifications of 15d, 20d, 30d, 108d, 68d, but not many, so when you measure the yarn is 156, then lean on the side of the specifications and write 150d.

Dingyi Nylon POY yarn workshop

What is meaning of“F”?

Another parameter of yarn labeling is the following 48f, what is f? This indicates how many single fibers a yarn consists of, 30d/1f means that the yarn is a single fiber, such as our fishing line, is a single fiber. We now have a fabric called Eugenia fabric is made of single fiber polyester filament.

If there are many such single-fiber composition, is the compound silk, 48f means that the yarn has 48 single-fiber composition. This how to see it, generally can only count out. Generally this is a multiple of 12. So even if you count the wrong little bit, the problem is not big.

A yarn such as 150d, if the f number is less, for example, only 24, that is, 24f, then the yarn is made into fabric, the rigidity is better, the fabric will be stiff. The more f-number, the better the fabric will feel.

So when developing fabrics if you want the fabric to hold up after being made into a garment, then you can consider using single fiber yarns. ( depends on the fabric ).

Common filaments and identification

For the above raw materials to distinguish, we usually use the burning method to identify. This needs to be tried by ourselves, because each of us has a different description of the same color, and the nose smells the same, maybe you say fragrant, I say unpleasant, so experience it yourself, others say many methods are useless, you just need to be able to find a way that suits you.

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