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Wat is die stof genaamd "Bing Si" in Chinees?

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In hierdie artikel,Zhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.will introduce a fabric that is called“Bing Si”in Chinese, and what is the advantages and disadvantages of this fabric and its usage.

·“Bing Si”is what kind of fabric

·The advantages and disadvantages of“Bing Si”

·The usage of“Bing Si”

“Bing Si”is what kind of fabric

“Bing si”is a chemical fiber trade name, it is also called rayon, viscose fiber, viscose filament, etc., accurately speaking is a kind of denaturing poly-viscose fiber or nylon, spandex blend fabrics, this fiber moisture absorption, breathability than ordinary viscose fiber is better, but also has a better conformability and drape.

Most of the components of“Bing Si”content in more than 80%, while cotton fibers and wood fibers in 95 - 97%;“Bing Si”other ash content is a trace, cotton fiber ash content of 1.14%; in several mainstream fibers,“Bing Si”moisture content rate is most consistent with the physiological requirements of human skin, with smooth and cool, breathable, anti-static, anti-UV, colorful and other characteristics.


The advantages and disadvantages of“Bing Si”

Die voordele:

The raw material for“Bing Si”production is chemical fiber. However, after processing this fabric will have better moisture absorption and breathability, and also has a good performance in terms of conformability and drape. In addition, the moisture content of“Bing Si”is very affinity to human skin,“Bing Si”fabric has an outstanding wearing experience after wearing and has very similar characteristics to cotton, from natural and better than natural.

The disadvantages:

Because the“Bing Si”fabric material itself is very good hydrophilic, in the usual easier to stain, and in the cleaning, time may be more complex, and even after a long time, some things can not be cleaned up; the other is that when we wear this fabric clothing, we should pay attention to change the wash often.

The usage of“Bing Si”

“Bing Si”, because of its physical and chemical properties, is suitable for making summer clothing, so the“Bing Si”T-shirt was born, this kind of T-shirt appeared in the clothing market causing a huge sensation, and sales momentarily reached the peak. In addition, this fabric is also widely used in all kinds of underwear, textile, clothing, non-woven, and other fields, it can be used to make gloves, mats, pajamas, underwear, beddings, etc. 


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