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Wat maak 'n nylonband 'n modetendenssteller?

Tyd: 2022-07-26 Treffers: 18

NATO straps were born during World War II, when there were no cell phones and watches became the standard for soldiers to keep track of time, especially when they were out on missions. So the nylon strap military watch was born. Compared with other straps, nylon straps are rust-free, waterproof, anti-corrosion, durable, and tough. It does not break easily even in the field with strenuous movements. NATO is the abbreviation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the original origin of the NATO strap is the British official G10 strap with a NATO stock number (NSN).


However, at that time there was only one version of the military strap - the "standard width gray strap", that is, no stripes decorated gray strap. Not a strap similar to the DW red, white and blue stripes classic color scheme of the burst. This misconception was probably due to the fact that Sean Connery wore a Rolex watch with a black, maroon and khaki nylon strap in the 1964 James Bond movie "Goldfinger".

The introduction of nylon was seen as a competitive product against Japanese textiles as early as the 1930s, when a large number of cheap Japanese textiles flooded into Western cities. Nylon was also widely used during World War II, from being used to make military products such as parachutes, airplane tires and uniforms to being the best material for building military items such as ropes, tires, uniforms and tents. Until now, nylon also plays an important role in our lives.

DW's colorful nylon straps are inspired by the Nato straps of the British defense. After the most trendy uncle Nick Wooster wore the fire DW, various hipsters also showed their nylon strap watches, and DW also became a net-famous watch because of a series of watches in classic colors such as red, white and blue. The major brands have also released nylon models. Nylon strap watches have become a new favorite in the fashion world and are highly sought after by many users. The colorful nylon straps brighten up the boring dress code and can be matched with any style.

MASCARNEY, as a company focusing on smartwatch innovation, its R&D team was inspired by the traditional military watch textiles, using nylon fibers and cotton fibers together to weave a nylon strap that combines the best of textile-like technology, perfectly combining traditional skills with the latest weaving technology. Green has always been the company culture advocated by MASCARNEY, compared to leather straps, the manufacturing process of nylon is much more environmentally friendly. The general pure nylon strap will be easily deformed, MASCARNEY added a small amount of cotton fiber in the nylon, so that the strap can always maintain a very regular shape, long time wearing will not be deformed. In addition, it is worth mentioning that most nylon strap products on the market are single-layer, MASCARNEY adopts a double-layer folding structure, which can withstand strong tension, more wear-resistant and durable. Normal use time can reach two to three years, far beyond the various leather straps.


As we all know, nylon is the first synthetic fiber that appeared in the world. It has many advantages, first of all, the material is light, breathable and moisture-absorbent. Compared with the heavy steel strap and ceramic strap, nylon strap is more suitable for casual sports scenarios. And can be removed and cleaned at any time.

Secondly, the appearance is more colorful. The strap design of MASCARNEY smartwatch is very simple, the strap first through the shiny buckle, and then through the two shiny strap fixing ring, three thin bright strap as if set in the strap, simple atmosphere and not show complicated superfluous. Finally, cost-effective. Nylon straps cost less compared to other straps. And compared to other straps of the wristband watches are unchanging, nylon multi-color series make the wrist landscape more bright.

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